Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Greatest Sportsman In History...

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

one of his many fine moments...

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

2 for 1 meals

Cafe Rouge

Gourmet Burger

you might be able to use one of these friday chev ;)

Greggs baguette for £1

2 for 1 pizza express

50% off at La Tasca

2 for 1 at Bella Italia

Scorcher 'I Know' (watch in high quality)

Any 1 knw wt trainers hes wearing at the start?
also is that a HnM shirt?

Team Time.

Over the last two weeks there have been a few guests visiting brad and i up here in Liverpool. Cem was here for 5 days and then pretty much straight after his departure, shaun and mat came to visit. It was two weeks of mayhem and jokes! We went to two big events both weekends where we saw acts such as High Contrast, Distance, Rusko and Dillinja. Both the nights were good and the days in-between were also filled with other extravagant shiz. It was a big look having a visit from everyone as Livepool got to experience how we roll.. particularly at the Rusko event where we had the crowd on lock! ..many people weren't ready ;)
As i said 'nuff jokes.

There are tooo many stories to list but i need to drop a few.
To explain the pics with shit in them, a few of my uni people had planted some around the place! So when i first brought mat to introduce everybody i was like what the flip?!
Mat was astounded and i was getting bare mad.
POO all over the place! lol.
We shortly figured out that they were (very effective and accurate) immitations created by soya sauce and tissue paper. Classic uni tricks.
Mat and I played ignorant to knowing this for a while and then just before leaving to go out, we created our own.. on a plate then left it for the others to eat that shit up! :)

Later that evening when shaun had arrived we were chilling in my room and were going to go some rave but couldn't be bothered due to it being 12.30ish already.
We got some supplies from tescos, cranked and did some classic team-youtube-mixing..
It was absolutely major and between the four of us, dropped about a 5 hour set covering 'nuff genres. People were coming and going and shaun and mat got to meet a few classic characters.
Bare jokes were had with hit after hit seamlessly mixed.. as you can imagine :)

Anyways enough writing, basically it was a great couple weeks and people need to get (back) up here!
I couldn't be bothered to sperate all the events and pictures so i've just jammed them all together. There are ALOT of them. Enjoy.

Shout-outs to all!


Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Shauns favourite artist is at it again

The Hundreds 5th Anniversary

The Hundreds have produced a new line for their 5th Anniversary.
The new set brings collabs with 10deep, Crooks, Diamond and King Stampede.

By far the worst shirt has to be this...

Parts of the collection can be seen HERE

Monday, 23 February 2009

Its Here!!! Beetmaker V.3.

After alot of specualtion around whether this one would hit the shelves because all the fuss that was kicked up around V.2., its finally here!, with all new features e.g.

Bang yor Drumz - equalize your drums perfectly
Keynaye and Naptanz Jenrah decider
Pick a Senpel - chops samples with ease
and Send To Lable button!!

This is the same tool that Timbaland and Pharrell use and is a must have for any producer out there who wants to make it big, if anybody is thinking about buying it and wants the link to it just gimme a holla!

Heres Mysto & Pizzi using it!


Friday, 20 February 2009

Supreme S/S 09

The S/S supreme line was released recently, not really feeling much, another season where the accesories seem better than the clothing.

More can be seen here
Remember, Brand blindness can get serious

Thursday, 19 February 2009


On this Saturday 21st. 
Just be there, it's going to be huge.
I'm really looking forward to team appearances :)
'twill be good.


(click to large it up)

It's about £12.50 before, from a ticket seller.
I recommend getting one prior to the event!
Last week sold out!
(pics from that up soon, check FB if you got a man added)

See some of you soon!

J Dilla x Obey

Obey's Shepard Fairey, with B+, has created a print of J. Dilla based on a 2003 photograph. The prints, a run of 400, will release at on February 20th at a retail price of $55 USD

Hmmm i could do with a poster of Dilla on my 'Wall of Inspiration' but is it really worth that much?


p.s. i have a new production on my myspace (Come Back) and more coming soon, check it out,

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

My next major appearance

The annual D&B Awards take place on Saturday 28 February 2009 in Birmingham at The Custard Factory.

1Xtra and Radio 1 will be broadcasting from this year’s enormous event with a host of DJs representing on the night.

It’s set to be one of the heaviest nights of the year and will feature the biggest players in the scene in over five rooms.

Fabio & Grooverider will bring you a live broadcast on Radio 1 and 1Xtra from 1 - 3pm.

DJs playing out:

Space 2
Fabio & Grooverider
:: Chase & Status ft Plan B & Kano
:: Andy C with Skibaddee
:: Lemon D & Dillinja
:: DJ Hype with IC3
:: Friction with MC Eskman
:: Brookes Bros with MC Foxy
:: Original Sin with MC Herbzie
:: DJ SS with MC G1
:: Storm with MC Magika

Pool Marquee
Annie Mac with Fearless
:: Bailey B2B Crissy Criss with Fatman D
Marky with MC Tali
:: Goldie with MC Spyda & Juiceman
:: Hazard with Biggie & Trigga
:: Shy FX with MC GQ
:: J Majik B2B Wickaman with MC Shabba
:: Simon Bassline Smith B2B Drumsound with Youngman & MC Tonn Piper
:: Taxman with Accapello

Nicky Blackmarket
:: Micky Finn
:: Bryan Gee
:: Kenny Ken
:: JJ Frost
:: Mistress MO
:: Pilgrim
:: Neil Badboy

Hosted by – Bassman, Trigga, Magika, Fila and Rankski

Lookin forward to it and too seein ya's if ur attending. As always ;

Peace till next time



This crew comming out hard (no homo!) Bin under for a while but now they bringin it. Double S still heddin the team but the other two members (Shocka n Vertex) are still droppin their flavours on the scene. Everything from the marvell flow to the marvell garms are lookin well done. Hopin they dont drop off. Reminds me why I love grime!!

Peace till next time


for times when the offy's shut, it's a saturday and asda closed at 10, or just when you cannot be arsed, give the birmingham based boozevan a call and they will sort you right out with a quick bevvie. granted, the prices are steep and they charge for delivery but you know what they say, desperate times call for desperate measures!

on a serious note; me, shirgs and rk saw this idea pioneered in liverpool when we visited sometime last year, however the premises looked long closed. wonder how this new business will actually do, is their really a need for this?

New Simpsons Intro!

i think this one is ridiculously long lol

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Actual Chris Brown n Rihanna footage

Some Vintage Dub

taking it back to the originators...the three kings...real Dub.

Lee Scratch Perry King Tubby The Scientist

King Tubby....

Seen to many as one of the clearest pioneers of the dub, back when delay took days to compose properly from dusty metal boxes, Perry learned to master it all, and produce some classic Dub sounds capes, with fans such as Rusko taking influence from the old, and putting it to the new.

The Scientist....

This man has made too many albums, contributing to the dub world, and you can catch a lot of his material on GTA , as a lot of his tracks were placed on the K-Jah radio station. After being kept as an apprecntice to King Tubby ^ he moved onto his own sound scapes and made history of his own.

Lee Scratch Perry....

Seen as the man to actually create Reggae off one of his own titles,Dub from his own mixer, who also worked with Bob Marley, and wasleader of the classic band The Upsetters, with fresh production techniques along with his crazy eccentric character,i cant really miss this man out.

another stupidly large back catalogue of production notes follows from this man, and bare weird studio sotories...including some about objects he'd request during a a brick, so that he could look at it, and be influenced......way to much green..

Respect your elders