Monday, 30 March 2009

crazy beats lol

Sunday, 29 March 2009

youtube on a sunday...

youtube on a sunday cant beat it ! ! better then tv atm ! heres a few videos...

Pharrell mus bin starvin ! !

T.I. Interview to CNN before prison..

Stay Up(Viagra) Official Music Video...

Friday, 27 March 2009


the day was a complete freestyle. no tickets, no one was feeling it, but i was still determined to see such a classic act. eventually rounded together adam butler and his brother sam and we hit the LG arena, fuck that, the NEC on the motorway crankin' the 'Tallica, all hyped etc. managed to bag 2 seating tickets £20 each off actual fans, rather than the £85 tout selling price, although they were buying any tickets for a 5er...?? lol

worked my skills and lets just say my ticket was 5 years old haha, then we blagged some standing wrist bands to ensure we were all on the ground for the monsters of metal.

brilliant night, brilliant pyro technics and not a note missed by the lads, playing to a packed arena on looking a 360 view stage.

hung about after wards for some once in a life chance to get a picture with the hosts, but instead managed to catch international/local guitar legend of Black Sabbath, Toni Iommi!


raw quality picture but it was a classic suprise end to a sick night...

peace x

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Lily Allen

Last night I attended the Lily Allen gig at the newly renamed O2 academy, La Roux were the supporting band and absolutely killed it proving they don’t need skream to make a room move. Sadly they didnt get the response they deserved due to most people not being too familiar with their songs.

Lily Allen came on with a wicked entrance and the best stage set up ive seen at the academy, you cant really see in the pictures but they had 6 foot high letters at the back and stairs and a platform and all sorts.
Needless to say I loved every second of it.

Gigedy Goo...
What i would give to be that mic...

A few costume changes, first being out of some heels (not laboutins, slackin') into some AF1s second was into a white dress and tights, couldnt be arsed with pics at that point though.
Aswell as the tracks from her new album and obvious hits from her first album she also droped a few surprises with Calvin Haris and kid cudi remix's and a few of DnB remixes of her own songs.
An amzing gig thats definatly left me on cloud 9 and my Goddess like perception of her hasn't changed one bit.

Monday, 23 March 2009

newham generals!!!

D Double, still nutz!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Looked outside today

too find this...

too sick, they even have A-team wrote on the tyres

Which leads me nicely into this...

Happy Mothers day to all, from K.I.C

Saturday, 21 March 2009


somethin abit different....

betta version i think is.....




Snoop Dogg Millionaire

have a listen, a very popular dubstep track with a snoop dogg twist!? mixed feelings on this from alot of people;

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Paddys Day 09

Went up town to digbeth sunday for snt paddys day. Got there about two after meeting kirk aaron ant charles and jim. It was busy as always, and we had a casual stoll around piking up a few guinness. After a while the sun went in and it got a bit lame, not alot to say from the day but always good to have something on a sunday. Heres a few pics.

pubt 062

pubt 041

pubt 044

pubt 035

Some irish wrestling..

pubt 053

pubt 040

pubt 060

The original plan was to go rainbow, however it was so dry.

pubt 066

irsih center was mutch better and more ramo.

pubt 075

pubt 078

Got guinness ?

pubt 069

pubt 080

Hold tight aaron on the kic videos soon come.

Hightlight for me on the day was seeing this freestlyer called nam the man, didnt know who he was when i was there but got back home and looked him up. Hes sponsored by monta a new footballing make i belive created in asia. Heres there link. MONTA .

pubt 056

Here he is in some advert

Coming soon.
pubt 017

Monday, 16 March 2009

Westwood: Asher Roth

Was over shauns and tried telling him about asher roth when his "i love college" video came on, he didnt seem intrested, he was on westwood other day though, heres the vids for you to have a butchers at...

Sunday, 15 March 2009


Apparently she was on the bus for hours ! ! another piss head on the bus...


Friday, 13 March 2009


A film on the life of Charles Bronson is released in cinemas today, he has been decribed as 'the most violent prisoner in Britain'. The Film I personally think looks prety good and will definatly be seeing it sometime soon however there has been alot of controversy surrounding the film due to the glamourisation of the violence as you can see from the video below.

Bronsons origional sentance in prison was 7 years for an armed robbery where he got away with a measley £26.18, he has then commited violent acts and many hostage taking situations whilst in prison (one of which being because he wanted 2 cheeseburgers and in another he requested a blow up doll as part of his ransom) meaning he has been in prison since 1974 for all but 4 months and 9 days and only 4 of the years he has spent in prison has not been in solitary confinement.
Although Bronson isnt actually recieving any money from the film is it right to give such a man the privelage of having a film made on his life?

More on Bronsons life can be found HERE

As a final note i find it quite odd that Tom Hardy (the gay one from Rock'n'Rolla) is the one playing Bronson, thats some serious beefing up he had to do

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Out Of My Mind...

...the remixed, live tracked version of Pharrell Williams' "In My Mind", produced by the one and only ?uestlove

bit of old news tbf, but the tracks have been completely dismissed, and not really heard of or talked about and as the album never actually got released (but was so close) due to funding issues and sales predictions, it would have been a seriously revolutionary marketing move and artistic re-invention of the albums keyboard orientated sound Pharrell got wrapped up in.

?uestlove was given only 2 weeks to flip all 14 tracks with the use of live instruments through Pharrells own backing group, which includes ?uestlove rightfully named the Yessirs, and these were some rude boy results...

my personal favourite....listen to them drums.....

anyway, check the youtube links for more.

would have loved to cop that album
fuckin industry

peace x

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A Good Nite Track..

Jus bin listenin to Common n i jus wanted to blog this one song which is only a studio snipper but its calld "So Far To Go" .. gotta be my favourite Common Track.. produced obv by J Dilla.

The Lyrics are deep man.... this is the official song..


NWA in the studio

classic old school video of the original Compton posse making magic

note: Dre gets put in his place, so rightfully said, RIP Eazy E

Currently Feeling

i'm sure that most of us will agree the smarted up look is where it's at. indeed, the bright colours and designs associated with all too many a not quite there street brand often offer some gems. however, as has been represented by many a member of kic in the past few months, clean and smart is the way forward. it is far more appropriate, practical and comfortable than perhaps a hoody, a loud tee and some lairy trainers. yes, each on their own is very nice, but for me the 'colourman' as shaun goals so prfectly put it is just a bit naff. now i've always been one for classic silhouettes in apparel and recently this has come back around for me. this mature look is very popular on style forums across the globe and it appears that brands are giving people what they want. here are a few things i am feeling;

White Mountaneering

a japanese based brand, influenced by technical wear from past and present. some of the jackets, luggage, cut and sewn pieces and footwear are lovely. the black collection is especially nice and the white has some loveley pieces, i am really feeling lightweight mountain parkas at the moment.


italian based, specialising in footwear. again some strong silhouettes, especially feeling this model the L'Cinque.

again, another japanese brand, with collections taking major influence from a nautical theme, which is guranteed to be big again this summer over here in the UK. and yes, another great twist on the classic parka shape.

Band of Outsiders

american based this time and a strong preppy look. for me these two looks are the epitome of cool although whether i would go so far is a different story. feeling that windbreaker.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Last post of the night i swear lol

Common Skanking? this is too funny lmao

what ya'll think?



For anyone thats appriciates his music, it was 12 years ago today Christopher Wallace (aka The Notorious BIG) was murdered, this is just a little dedication to his memory, but instead of posting songs im sure you've all heard before, i thought i post something a little different.

Scenes from the movie:

Freestyle battle (age 17)

Biggie's Funeral

Last Ever Interview

Wickedest Freestyle (my favourite freestyle ever)

BBC 1xtra Tribute

1 of the G.O.A.T.


N.W.A. the movie?????

After success from the recent Notorious B.I.G. biopic Notorious, New Line Cinema reps announced to Entertainment Weekly's "Hollywood Insider Blog" that N.W.A.'s story is in development to become a theatrical release. Tentatively titled Straight Outta Compton, the film is presently seeking a director, after Eazy E's widow and Ruthless Records CEO Tomica Wright, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre are all said to be producers.

Stella McCartney Red Nose Day Tee

You can guess wat this is.. its the best red nose tee s i have ever seen...(no offense)lol...Stella McCartney (the designer) . from TK Maxx ..

Red Nose Day Tee Range:

The Beatles/Morecambe and Wise (available in white)
Unisex Adult T-shirt (XS-XXL): £9.99 with at least £5 going to Comic Relief

Limited Edition Madonna print (available in white)
Fashion T-shirt and Vest (XS-L ): £14.99 with at least £8 going to Comic Relief

AND FINALLY... man i forgot how hot Keira Knightley is... thts the level my next girl is goin to be ... *jks*

Sunday, 8 March 2009

HUF SS09 Preview

Just a preview atm....
but a couple classics from a classic label.