Monday, 30 June 2008


First post! Back in leeds an that, there was meant to be pictures and everythin added to this blog but unfortunatley i neva packed the cable that connects my laptop to my flippin phone. Jus a breif one anyways. Train was 45 mins late, ended up sittin next to a farmer, on arrival to the flat i find food all ova the shop. Terrible. But at about 6 i met up wit a very generous mate who treated me to a meal at nandos. Lovely. Hopefully pictures of my new house will be comin in next post.

P.S. Mr Goals, gonna have to pass on the purple half cab deal. As sick as they are, at this time of extreme poverty that im facing in my life i seriously gotta be rationing my monies.

Weekend's (not as crazy as antb's) Antics

it all started on friday, i was greeted after work by a few of the keepin' it current team (shaun goals, eugene, and folz). we had a quick look around the shops before they started closing and various purchases were made after much deliberation over quite alot of tried on items. the shops closed (see previous posts from the man 'imself goals and yours trully). eugene returned from a brief disappearance and we made our way to big wok, eurgh, via some low rate half furnished city centre newsagent/off licence.

we sat down for the shaun goals birthday meal in probably the worst seats big wok had to offer, right in the middle of the restaurant (if you can call it that, more like a salvation army mess hall) and by the door, cold breeze was not good every time punters entered. we attempted to consume our out-of-house beveridges but the waitress laid the smackdown and threatened us with ejection. to the bar for ridiculously over priced and watered down coca cola, then to the buffet stands for food. i'm really not feelin big wok, £10 and i didnt like much of the food. think the first time i went its crapness was shadowed by hunger and laughter, the harvester is better guys, even though i didn't call it. them man managed a fair few plates of chinese each while i struggled in to my second. jokes were had at the table, topped off by goals' worst ice cream mix ever, dunno wtf he put in that bowl. his face told the story;

made our way back through town and jumped on 51 to breadmans yard, eugene departed and the pro evo tournament commenced. half way through folz shoddy disc broke and blew up the xbox. a few restarts later we got a new league goin' minus folz who shunned the opportunity to continue play due to embarassment at his disc and his contact lenses not being HD Ready. my valencia squad came through on the rails to win the tournament on goal difference followed by a swift departure home via great barr cars and a lie-in ready for a nice 4hr shift the next day. it is important to note that shaun goals conceded 13 goals in 3 games on pro, what a way to end your birthday.

saturday was a major sleep in for all parties i think. got to work for 5pm and basically tidied, had to pick up nuff sale items. on my way out of work, the twins were just sitting in their car, gave me a hoot and i jumped for a welcome lift home. jim then jumped in and so did michelle who was waiting at the bus stop. ant was killin it with some don style lewis hamilton manouvres. then i got a call, those who got handled on pro evo the night before wanted it again. made way to shirgs, dropped by marco's for a junior junior junior spesh, 1 pound and fifty peeeeence (no mayonaise on the left). departed in the early hours again ready for work sunday morning. got home and watched spain absolutely kill zie germans.

Further Acquisitions


first band up was innerpartysystem who were rather shit, saw a few people jumping around however we decided to go get drinks n check out the girls, which were both prety damn nice, at 3.30 for a oint of carling had one then it was straight up coke from there on. Seconf band was the bravery, some shit ass indy band which a few more people enjoyed, again we opted out and just sat down for a bit. Third band was Enter Shikari, no really a big fan but the rest of the group were going mental for these dudes, we headed straight for the pitt and proceeded to push a circle in the crowd. First song drops n everybody goes mental, craziest pitt ive ever seen, was rediculously sloppy and dull of indychavs ( you know the chavs who now think its cool to be indy, swapped their sergio joggers for skinnytopman jeans) So it was mental but kinda fun. We quickly learnt that this Beffy dude who was chewing his face off had been working out especially to mosh like a twat, dude kept just runin into people and at one oint elbowed me in the face, cunt.

After this everyone had to run out the middle to get water/air/ rest. Next up, what i was here for N.E.R.D! took ages to set up but it was fackin worth it,they were off the hook! me n Andy seemed to be the only people who knew all the words and at some points the only people jumping up and down but still fuck everyone else, it was sick! (pharrell was obviously ice creamed out however was oddlt wearing vans authentics or at least what appeard to be. Shae was rocking origional fake, icecream, icecream i think and i dint see much of Chad, he had a sick hat on though, couldnt make out what it was)

After N.E.R.D came pendulum, after seeing these twice due to ecelectricity work ive found they are the shitest most boring performers in the world! 100% true story! The pitt was again real sloppy n shit, i opted out for this one, and again for the third time they gave a shit performance, barely moving from their positions. Beffy dude got killed in this oitt n had to be dragged out by his mates whilst everyone shouted abuse at him, twat. (pendulums hype man was wearing a crooks n castles gotti tee and vans rowley xl3s, this dude is always wearin prety cool stuff the actual band are always wearing shit stuff though)

Pendulum finally left the stage and Jay-Z prepared to come on, anticipation at an all tie high, he came on and smashed it! I cant eveb remember what songs he played, its all a daze, the crowed seemed to give him nothing back but he carried on killing it anyway. Couldnt make out what he was wearing, especially his trainers (shaun dont say sneakers) they first of all appeard to be the same shape as chukkas, then i noticed a fat toungue stickin out, god knows what they are)

Next up linkin parl, i hadnt heard any of the new stuff but i remember enjoying the old stuff quite a bit as a mini mosher. They came on, mike shinoda was killin it with the rap side of things and the other dude whos name escapes me killed it on the singing side, they gave an amazing performance, getting the whole crowed hyped. The only downfall was they kept dropping in some slow shit every now and again which was a bit naff. They exited quickly only to return for an encore, another 2 songs and they were off again, another encore from the crowed and on they come again and introduce Jay-Z back to the stage, they did theie colabs n he was off, another few songs and they retreated for the night, an amazing performance by them left the whole crowed happy with the day.

Al in all an amazing day, whilst loeaing we picked up some bargain chicked, 2 pieces for £1 rather than the origional £5, not bad, we had a little bother trying to get a taxi back to the coack station however the X5 again came to our rescue. on the coach, no one spoke the whole way home lol. I woke up at about 2:00 this afternoon unable to move, my face is actually swollen from sunburn and im aching ive places i never new existed.

not bad for a first post aye? haha


The morning after

My plan to wake up at 7 failed, i ended up awake at 7.40 and needed to be at Garys house for 8.30, quickest shower n dressing process ever! (quick wywt, rogue status gunshow tee, levis 513s and black halfcabs) Jump on my board, down middle of the walsall road and down booths farm, got there in record time to be greeted by a wonderful bacon sandwich from his mother.
Charlse joins us shortly after, the Andy is late as per usual, hop in Garys dads car an were away. Meet up with the twins, Aaron, Kirkland and Jack at the coach station. Many of us made the mistake of going out and/or drinking the night before so were all feeling a little rough, none more so than Gary who slept/ran to the toilet the whole way there. Some drinkin occured on the coach, i atempted but i couldnt handle it, im not that hardcore (Don would have been in his element though haha)

We arrive at Milton Keynes and spend an hour tryin to figure out the best way there, we finally find out the X5 goes straight there for £1.70, better than taxi fair i guess. We hop on it n get off at the train station (note: If you go to Milton Keynes bowl go via train its much clser and easier)

By this time weve picked up some crackhead girls who Rich was in love with, We are now have to follow a trail of people in yellow tees, to cut a long story short it was fackin' long! weed and alcohol consumed on the was, weed coutesy of the crackheads, kirkland was like a fiend for that shit, i never would have expected it.

We finally make it to the bowl, check out toilets, fod etc walk over a hill and see the extent of this humungous ditch and realise jus how many people are here, was a prety breathe taking view. So we head down to the front to see what its sayind, barriers? wtf! 'Dude why are there barriers to the pitt?' 'Sorr lads, first 3000 people get a green wristband to get in here' WTF! We dont give up that easily though, a stroll round the other side we see people entering with special tickets, just flashing them at security, we can do that aswell, we get our ordinary tickets and go in one by one, it works! were in!

Im gonna make another post for the acts else this wil be looooonnnnng!

The night before

So its the day before project revolutions, its been counting down for months , best line up in the world (more in the following post). So i have a descision, Chris Khans party, Charles' for a chill or Subs, me being me and following my gash radar rather than using my common sense i chose subs, get there early with aarons members card and enter for £2, all is going well, see a number of people i know, have a few drinks, everyones happy, a few mosh songs get droped, me n pete are now in our element, pushing, swinging, grapling etc, from no where a dude tries to spear me, thinking hes bloody Goldberg or something and then fails to release me, i start to swing him round to get him off but this mother fucker wont let go, i then feel something hit by back twice, is this dude trying to punch me? then a swing over my head, forget this!, swing round throw some punches to his face, hes still missing me. All of a sudden i get pulled about 5 foot in the air, loosing my hat turn round to see security draging me by my recently purchased twelve bar tee out the club!

So much for a friendly atmoosphere! at least i wasnt harmed aye?

After this catastophy of a night i went home, many things happened after i arrived home leading me to get to bet at about 4.30 with m needing to get up at 7, not a big look.

02, 2 Sick!

unlimited free texts until the last day of july


Purple Halfcabs for sale!!!

This Man (Eugene btw) is taking too long to think about this gr8 deal

Sooo these Vans Purple Halfcabs are on sale for £15

Why so cheap fo such a good sneaker?....

Well they have been worn only once and wasnt a great fit fo me.
The size is US11 UK10
These are almost FOTB.


These luk nice with the blk laces too.

These shoes come in original Vans box also.
If you want these or you know anybody who does email me at , safe.
Btw Eugene u can still purchase if u want.

Couple buys

Yeye went out the other and brought a couple of tings. Here they are below

Wrangler Gingham shirt

Polo Ralph Lauren Grey

Polo Ralph Lauren White

Polo Ralph Lauren wud luk nice with this Orange Stussy New Era..?

Btw the Orange Stussy New Era was brought b4, but wud look nice lol


Whats kool? Wow!, I'm stunned! how sick was Jay-Z's performance at Glastonbury? I'm only gonna post the first 3 vids, if you wanna see the rest.....Youtube it.

And people said Hip-Hop shouldn't headline Glastonbury, Mr. Carter really knows how to work a crowd.

(Off Topic) Crazy Titch only has 28 years left on his sentence...Brap.

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Essentials #1

Champion Sport Socks

get down your local olympus/jjb sports clearance store and stock up, now. the quality is top notch and they come in grey, black and white (pictured). who can argue with these socks at £2 for 5, yes 5 pairs for £2.

superb purchase.

Look On A Budget

that's like a motto here, creating and upholding an image on the cheap is what we like to do best here at keepin' it current. the summer sales are doing alot right now for us, providing a selection of bargainous pick ups. here's a couple of mine from the weekend;

- carharrt short sleeve pinstripe shirt, £15
- gap navy blue slim fit chinos, £10


Lewis Hamilton ent got nuffin on me!!!

Wats good ppl. Don here droppin ma first post as a co-contributer of this force known as keepin' it current. So what may you ask has Don been up to these past couple days. The answer is a whole lot of Fam filled fun.

Y'day was ma lil cousin's 13th birthday (Happy Birthday Jordan) so a whole bunch of us headed up to Wheels for sum go kart racing. Trust when i say mans was killin it on tha track, I may have span out a couple times but other than that it was a pro ting.

Get set, sum pics commin ur way:

So yh all in all it was a big boy day. nuff jokes n nuff drinks (after the drivin ofcourse). Neways keep it locked cuz mans will be back on dis blog ting soon.

Peace till next time


Friday, 27 June 2008

Folz In This.........

Whats good ? This is my first of many posts on here. I'm lookin to keep everyone current with my up-to-date knowledge of music, films etc.....

Anyway, now that's the intro over...first thing I'm gonna post about is something that made me laugh my @$$ off when i first heard it, and that's the Mega!, Huge!, Massive! Rap beef between....................Soulja Boy and Ice-T????

Yeah, i laughed too, but this is serious people, these two been swapping blows (No Homo) for just over a week now.

'Nuff with the talking, just watch these vids...

I just hope no-one gets hurt.

thats my first post, hang tight for the second....bless

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Summer Shoe

today i acquired the vans 106 vulcanized, off white, in the schuh sale for a modest £20. these won't be breaking any necks this summer, but the classic design and minimal features are just what i like. i had my eyes on these when they were released earlier in the year and was happy at hearing they had gone in to sale.

finish work then straight to sweden.

yoyo all.
my first post from here is not going to be a tedious description of a looong journey consisting of travel by means of train, bus, plane and train again, but rather the reflections of a small satisfactional smile, saying that it's niice to be back in sweden again :)
I may give you a run through of the trip later, but it entailed nothing less than you would expect from the travels of an 18-year-old...
basically it was jokes.

anyway, i've been trying to get to grips with the camera I have borrowed off brad.
here's a sample of some pics...
they'll get better though, i promise. you can see, I was on a slow-shutter flex :)

ok, well now i'm off to experience meatballs, blonde hair, blue eyes, snow and ikea...

i'm in sweden right?!? ;)


Shaun Goals is F***in here

Shaun Goals

Im here on the blog for me first post. It took me bere time to accept the request , but im here now. Hopefully I should be postin often as im gonna be out and about.

I now think this will be a good idea and mans need to back it in order fo it get off the ground. It will be a good way for peeps to keep in touch ova holidays and uni life etc.

Ill be posting and I hope you silent mans contribute also (u no who u are), safe!!!

Disarming Britain

channel 4 have cracked it with this commercial. their disarming britain season starts monday 30th june and this advert grabs you by the collar. an issue that has longed to be addressed, yet never been addressed correctly. simple yet effective, it really hits home the reality of gun culture in the UK. it depicts the separation of families and most importantly, the vicious cycle of young children being influenced by firearms and shit. it is so simple, but the way it is directed makes it that little bit more effective and it hits you, hard. the use of gunfingers, a symbol synonymous with the youth of today shows how easy it is to relate to gun culture and its influence on the way people are acting these days.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Preacher Woman

after a quick trim up and a town link i jumped on the 52 home. quite a packed bus what with it being an evening and that, rush hour and all that. just before the bus left town, a little old west indian lady trudged on with a wheely shopper and a trilby, shouting everywhere. i just disregarded her noise because you get crazy people sometimes. then about halfway through the bus journey her neck turns a full 360 and she stares at one asian girl sitting opposite her. here were a few of her quotes:

"jesus cannot protect you, find jesus and he will give you protection!!"
"your gods cannot protect you, where is your god when you need him most? not around eh, for all we know you meet get ya head lik off by the bus doors and will you have the protection of God on your rise to heaven, NO!?"

then, as the girl left the bus, she started grabbing her arm and accompanied her to the end of the bus and out the doors, obviously preaching whilst doing this. then she jus kept turning round, laughing at random moments of eye contact with the remaining passengers.

an odd experience, surreal. i swear she wasnt affiliated with them sinister bible guys in town, she wuda had a crazy sandwich board highlighting the 'evils' of humanity. whatever happened to the softly softly approach?

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

breakfast, school trips and football..

After a few of us met up on the previous saturday to watch the holland and russia game, and quite glumly ended up watching it at a packed Weatherspoons.. whilst there trying to avoid the drunken 20+ group of ladies..ahem.. middle-aged women, we noticed the breakfst menu lurking in the corner.. a plan formed.

So, on monday morning i climbed out of bed at 9. and made a few texts and calls to see if it was still on.. yepp, were meting for breakfast at Weatherspoons.
After a hasty shower i threw on some clothes and drove to pick up shaun.

Reaching shaun's house i walked upto his door where he opend it and stared in shock.. why had we both decided to wear chekerd shirts of a similar colour and 'checker density' on a monday morning?!? jokes were exchanged and we got into my car greeted by the bright musical sounds of earth,wind and fire.

We then headed to ant's and quite rudely took up a spot on his drive.. after tense negotiations it was deemed that my car could sit there for the day. word ant.

we walked round to shirgs, the Bread.Man himself, and rang his bell. no reply. a call then came through....: "i've lost my keys and got to climb over my house".
next step, literatelly, was shrig jumping over his garage inspired by a certain Kobe Bryant..
We then walked to the bus stop and got the 51 into town.

After reaching town almost an hour late, we popd into my work to sort out my shifts for the following week.. i'm going sweden so watch out for the blogs and pics..

Don then phoned and we met by Tescos. I think all of us were pretty hungry by now
As were greeted Don and were about to head off to the mentioned venue, a familiar face came strolling towards us.. Chris Foley.
He joined the group and we commenced 6 strong.

Everyone bar Foley had the farmhouse breakfast and Don even threw in a Latte. blup Don, blup. Many jokes and many full stomaches later we left and began phase two of the day.
Ant and Foley depated and so Don, Shaun, Shrig and I headed back to my car where we changed the cd to a dubstep mix courtesy or wallabrad and directed my fiesta towards our sixthform.

We reached 6thform and everyone went about their necessary duties, i.e. handing books back and sorting out finance matters. many of the latter involoved gettin 10ps to play a few games of tablefootball.
After a shaun and don murkage me and shirgs headed back to the car with them two following in our wake..

'Pety was runnig low and shaun was late for work so i droped them three off at Clifton, an in-between point for everyone. I headed off to my weekly piano lesson and took the wrong turn at scottarms due to some bad lane markings and some unruly drivers.. after a smooth U-turn i was back on track and parked at a nearby tescos.
On my way home after a sucessful 30minutes of piano playing, i filled up at Asda costing me near-enough £50! ..the price of petrol issue is not one i inted to confront. yet.

I chilled at home and then headed out to football meeting some of the others from earlier in the day. badman skills commenced and a few fallen comrades later we left in my car and headed to asda.. two times in one day is too much.
Everyone picked up their snacks with the usual being affiliated with:
shirgs.. 24pack of juice cartons
and rk.. pasta, salad and a Don Simon smoothie.
We went back to the car and with the necessary drop-offs being made, i finally reached my bed at 01.30 that evening.

Twas a good day for the team overall
Only one picture to drop though...


bless. rk.

straight-up rude-boi..

okok.. yepp, keepinitcurrent is the new, virgin blog of the blogerrist's world and is currently, courtesy of this blog, being popd by rk.
straight-up.. you should be expecting rude-boi comments like that! blupp [ lol ]
What else to expect you ponder?? Well, a mishmash of individuals, creative minds alike and stories & tales will be flooding the blogging gates and pouring on to vast expanses of this blog soo, keep in contact and keep it current!
For now that will be all.

Sunday's Exploits...

... a tale of twelve hour shifts, ridiculous parking and a rude kfc lady

as planned, rk arrived promptly at 10.30 fiesta and all, we set off for town and our places of employment. at last a fresh morning, the passing scenery however was not quite as exhilarating. in car phone shots and the red hot chili peppers kept us occupied;

upon hearing rumours of free parking on a sunday, and the convenience of the location with regards to work, colmore row was our destination. the place was RAMMO, rk musta circled town about a hundred times before we found a space and with a combination of unorthodox parking and lateness slotted his vehicle in to a very tight space (no homo);

rk was late and i doubt he'll be parking there again. i grabbed a couple snacks from tesco then went and had a quick look in the size? sale but failed to purchase anything. the time had come for me to head to work and embrace the monster that was to be 12pm-12am shift. i hate sale prep. at 5pm i welcomed my first break of the day and pondered for a little while as to what me and a fellow employee should eat. kfc was the decision. too much confusion about going large, by stating the wrong words for going large the lady provided me with some mashup of a meal, hashbrowns n chicken wtf!? a mini argument occurred, apologies made and she sorted my order. rk popped in on his way home, while i was only halfway through my shift. the rest of the night dragged on and i finally arrived home via taxi at around 12.30.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Keepin' It Current

Keepin' it current; (noun); pronounced, key-pin-it-ku-rant.

1. The combined effort of a select group of juvenile intellects, with the main purpose of documenting their last few months together before pursuing differing directions, and perhaps beyond.
2. A means by which this select group can share their respective feelings and attitudes towards various issues; the toil of everyday life, fashion , the media, art and whatever else may be deemed as current.

Example of use:

"us man are keepin' it current"