Thursday, 31 July 2008

BBQ at Simons

Yeye went to a nice likkle BBQ gathering at Simons aka Mr handshake's house. The pics are very random and no order at all, but caption is here to help guide you.

Holly, Hollys bf, Simon in the Two hats and Tom.
We all also played Articulate, twas good. Some ppl hav played it too much tho lol.

King Mike afta a Twister victory. He said he was gna do it and he did.

Eugene was in heaven when seen these lot.

O my. This guy is classic. Anthony is a underground super amateur boxer. He has fights with randoms for free at random events around the city. There are hardly any rules. He fights in a square ring made of people outside without a trainer or a partner to back his case. However he says he's had 14Wins 0Loses.

Here's some leftovers of the introductory snacks.

Heres a burger cooked by Eugene. Twas actually very nice

Antony tried it, but wasn't succesful at all. As you can see pure fire, dem burgers had to be dashed and the BBQ grill was paused for a bit.

I think Eugene musta had 1 of them dodgy burgers.

This is Adam, he is a funni guy.

Who's legs are they lool.

Simon is the host, he's the one suggesting a game of twister.

As you can see, people was down for it . ( one of sexy asian girls, Eugene was chuffed)

More Twista...
Earlier on Michael shown up, bere l8, but u no no Mike he don't give a fuck!!!

He came fashionably l8 as you can see.
Serious even matching undies loool.
This is tom, he's kool.
I dunno why some dudes hand is in Michaels face, I think he got slapped??.

Shaun Goals WYWT

Oren. He's funni yo, also causing controversy on the night.

Courtney ( no its not me lool )

Adam and Tom the Gardener.

Too sum up, last night was a good little gathering. This is the second one I have been too and was not disappointed. There was nice selection of foods, entertainment and people. Alot wasn't captured due to me leavin my fone and havin to use Eugene's. But believe it was gd.

Who's feelin these max1s?

These are part of the Beijing 2008 Airmax collection . I personally like em.


I was havin a tidy on me computer and came across this picture. This picture is bere funni, because near enough everyone in Birmz has seen this running man at some point. Now when Chevron sent me this pic I was laughin cause he goes it's Tensions dad. Thas bere jokes as it is. But also what made me laugh was the fact of how close Chevron got to take a picture.

Peace Sign / Index Down

Attention: Girl of The Day ! ;-)

U heard rite ... i have decided that i ll be postin pics of girl everyday from now on.. ! So lads get ready for some saucy pics lmaooo ! ! Ofcourse to respect the ladies as well, altho we got no woman bloggerist.. which has dissappointed me it wont be too pornographic lol. This idea has been discussed with shaungoals as well and as he said " im lukin forward for this post " lol..

This post will be posted daily. For the first few weeks i will be postin proffesional pics.. as i get the hand of it. i will be postin sexi girls from the streets ! :)

Alsoo i think we shud get our girl "friends" joinin the blog.. to make abit more interestin.. :)...
I ll be waitin your thoughts on the pics as well

So Enjoy ! ! LOL .


Supermodel and Chess Player

BBQ at Dugs!

I did not have high hopes for this night, specially having to walk there as my radiator has split. I opted not to drink due to a rough night the night before and a hangover the whole day, not a big look.

As i arrived the bbq had just been lit and burgers were getin thrown on, a diet coke and a pack of skittles as my starter was prety nice, more people began to arrive and the alcohol started to flow along with burgers, sausages and kebab scures. Everyone, especially Charles was slowly geting drunk, i sat there pleasently still with a diet coke watching them become more intoxicated.

Boner arrived and the weed also began to flow, many happy faces could be seen after this and Charles was in a bad state.

My American girl with 3 nipples has slipped a bit and didnt look as nice this time however the other one tried it but i wasnt backin that at all.

As the night drew to an end Aaron ended up having his boxers ripped off, from under his shorts, called a faggot my the American girls and his checked shirt and hawaian shirt combo abused. Ant (twin) filled an asda bag with 'used alcohol', was not nice however it provided many laughs.

Overall it was a good night, everyone left happy

Dugs party on saturday should be intresting, i doubt he will fill the hall however there are many surprises in store.

ill post some pics as i get them

Just Jokes

i was laughing hard to these pics!

Jay-Z's bastard child lol


Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Days Chillin..

Went up town for a bit of networking, decided see what my 2 meg was sayin and it was alot...

first was a trip for a job oportunity, did not know the lift was working and had trail 100 plus stairs, some manz were leakin b4 we reatched are destination..

Views were alot...

Goals was considering purchasing some ck glasses but decided against his better judgement...

On bus home never thought i would see a man match his navy socks to his navy vans, A strong look....

Def need to upgrade fone!

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

A look into the future

Some spring 09 Vans

I was going to copy all the pics to hear but jus click the link, its easier

Shock over this G

lol sorry about title but..

A day with a loved one

Yesterday I acompanied Amy Smallman to town in order for her to get some pictures, due to a lack of inspiration this failed quite miserbaly, after going round a few shops, meeting andy and other such activities we called it a day and headed to my house, we chilled a bit whilst i learnt how to use the camera properly then started to experiment, i feel i learned quite a bit in a short amount of itme. Somehow i convinced Amy to let me keep the camera over night and continued to fall in love with this amazing piece of technology.

Here are a few shots i quite pleased with, there were many more but it takes the piss to upload these pictures. (the top 2 suck)

Sunday, 27 July 2008

chillin' at ants

after the perry barr excursion on friday, ant made the call to invite everyone to his back garden for a chill. with the promise of sunshine, sounds and slamball i txt some bloggerists and we made the journey. it was a good evening, but sadly i had to leave early due to nearly passing out from a mixture of heat and ant drop kicking me in a freak trampoline trick accident. heres a few pics portraying ants sublime trampoline agility