Sunday, 30 November 2008

OHhh Behave..

Ok so i'm doing a report on the global trends and current issues facing the leading international firms of the automotive industry..
It needs to be 2500 words and i'm on about 1400. 
It also needs to be in tomorrow so it's going to be a long night.

I've got a HUGE playlist crankin' to keep me going..
this just came on.
Needed to blog it, maybe it's just me on a vibe, but still MASSIVE track.
Check. I know some will appreciate it...




Happy 1st Birthday CandyStore

We attended the CandyStore party on a thurs nite at Sobar.
Twas a alrite nite n tht...
Here a couple pics...

nyways peace!

thursdayand friday

thursday; got back from work and grouped up with everybody and had a large scale party down on one the floors in halls, but not before chaz marley and dutch had got their chung on. the gorup then headed out on the bus and separated, half heading for a popular liverpool club, my half heading for pace yourself at the magnet. in all it was a decent night, good crowd, good vibes although there was no major dj action to note and i perhaps got a little more drunk than i had planned to...

friday; again got back from work and under a mish mash of planning seeley opted against the bigger than barry house party thing we had got wind of. we got there at about midnight and although bobby barnes was killing a set and the house was rammo i just wasn't in the mood. did a bit of mingling, bit of moving and shaking and then a few of us headed back (some were carried). this party would have been major on another night.

Friday, 28 November 2008


FIRST up..attend this if you are in liverpool.. should be good.
Have to admit it's not on the line-up-levels of birms this weekend for dubstep but still..

Foul Play: DnB @ The Masque
Cost/Time: £8 » 10pm - 4am
ds: Dnb, DubstepLineUp:
Brockie (Kool Fm / Undiluted Records)
Caspa (Rinse 
FM /Fwd)
Disfunktion (Genetic, Vision Artist Agency)
Siren & Klosure (Foul Play Birthday Set)
Frisk & Miss Rita (Residents)
Budd & Devious (Residents)
Plus MC's:
Tonn Piper (Metropolis)
MC S.A.S (Resident, Chibuku)
G1 (Formfinesse)

A house party for all the heads looking to prolong the night..
bobby from bigger than barry will be djin (in the living room apparently!! lol) so it should be good.
Plans at the moment aren't saying much but i know it's on Smithdown Road.
Will be finding out more details later.
Lame flyer but still, it's a house party man.. no hate.

Facebook link for y'all...

See you there??



"Earsnot" / IRAK

Skip The Shit.

Ruthless, Vandal, Gay, Thief, Stylish, Cheeky, Fucked Up Childhood, and downright NYC blunt.

KIC, meet Earsnot, Earsnot, KIC

One of my first posts on KIC was to do with the graffiti film "INFAMY", and if some of you reached the link, youll recognise this lad. You can hardly ever forget him.

a keen bomber in NYC, creator of the media group IRAK ( standing for all things proppaganda, but also a term used in graffiti dating back to the 80's whereby the artist steals their supplies "i rack (i rob)" )

dealing heavily with clothing, collaborating with ALife and Adidas, but at the same time, standing out; being gay in such a traditionally homophobic culture makes this man all the more vibrant.

check the shit...

Pushing the boundaries, stretching through graffiti, film music and general robbery, this team of outcasts have been seen to roll up into the best clubs NYC has to offer, like Kings. Their motto?

"Every night is New Years Eve"

i just thought this dude deserved some recognition, and one comment from the film really made me admire him, whereby he talks about his Robbing techniques to get supplies.

"you walk in there, get the customer/shopkeeper thing going on, and they dont even know your stealing from them because your talking so much. Even if they do know, they cant say anything because your so damn nice. and the thing is, its the know its illegal, you know its wrong but the rush is there, so your gunna keep coming back, again and again and again..."


Thursday, 27 November 2008

Behind The Beat- A Photographic Book by Raph

Been after his beauty for tiime...and now its a promising sight on ones christmas list! i had a quick flick in Waterstones, and found it more than interesting. Heres the Amazon description for ya rude boyss..

"The revealing photographs found within the pages of Behind the Beat expose the creative spaces of top DJ's and music producers from the UK and US. This book is an open invitation to step into the private world of the hip hop home studio and discover its inner workings. Featured are the studios and equipment of some of the most influential music creators working today including: DJ Premier, Madlib, J Dilla, DJ Spinna, Skitz, Nextmen, Taskforce, Dj Swamp, E- Swift, Beyond There, Kut masta kurt, Fat jack, Jehst, Beatminerz, DJ Shadow, DJ design, Dan the Automator, Chief Xcel, Young Einstein, Numark, Cut Chemist, Thes One, J Zone and Mario Caldato Jnr"


Dilla Diggin x

Dilla Vibin'

With enough pic's to keep you smirking at some of the tricks and pieces of shit these lads got lurking around their creative space for days, its definately one for the keen producer. Hold tight Folz (Y)


I dunno...

Ok we all saw craig david doin his rap ting on mobo's which worked well cuz its something that you wudnt reli expect and he pulled it off quite well, but now i'm startin to think he may actually be takin this seriously. Seen him on westwoods show n jus not sure wether or not he would be that credible of a rap artist. Have a gander of tha vid n decide for yaself;

Peace till next time

Tee Designs

Some Old school characters, n pioneers of Graff and HipHop...if you dont know some of these faces....shame on you.

LL Cool What?

Marley Who?

The Biz When?

Jazzy Whatt?
KRS 2?

Tracy What?

KRS 3?
"Nothing Sounds Quite Like The 8-0-8!!!!"

What You Scaliwags Rekon?