Tuesday, 28 April 2009

City Rats

A brand new British film Released in cinemas on he 24th of April and on DVD on the 27th. Stars Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassain who previously worked together in The Business as well as many other well known British actors. On a shoes string budget producer Steve Kelly definatly had his work cut out and much of the movie was made through favours and simply the privelage of making such a film.

Im not going to spoil the plot incase you decide to watch it, its generally a good story with just a couple of very questionable areas although i supose this stuff does happen in real life. The Acting is on a high level with exceptional performances from Hassain and Susan Lynch and some method acting from Dyer who actually took to drinking a few cans of Tenants before each days work.

A very Gritty film definatly worth a watch.

Life isn't like it is in the movies...

Current TV

i dont really choose to watch any TV anymore, but if i do find myself having a gander across a wide array of american "shitcoms", "reality" TV, or burnt out so called "celebrity" competitions that suffocate our box set, ill always find faith in dropping upon Google fuelled Current TV.

Current Tv hosts a wide array o short films, underground music videos, "Pods" which are like short documentaries, and then just silly alternative ideas thatve been put onto film for amusement. Either way, theres always something interestng, or just a break-from-the-norm away from the hypnotism thats on any conventional channel.

the channel itself consists of categories, or countdowns during the day, such as "top ten heroes or villians" which last night looked at heroes like an African born child rebel, turned rapper in London, villians like the UK's largest import dealer of cocaine who managed to slip prison, Englands toughest bloke who ran for an MP campaign, or Football hooligans turned preachers,Glasgows knife crime youth, and then just cool shit like Harlems street bike gangs, who tear up NY with their on the edge moves on a cycle, or Paris' Electro street dance movement, all of which are filmed by viewers, for viewers with no bullshit, script or anything fony...

what helps is the witty, down-to-earth, sometimes unpredictable hosts for the channel, who actually care about the content put on the screen, and the worldwide producers/directors of the films who come from many religious backgrounds, countries, politics and walks of life.

there is the odd serious doc, whereby they look at world issues, and travel to places lke Iran, Tibet, Mexico, Brazil and look at serious issues that affect peoples living.

its always guna be personal taste, and every man to his own, but its definately a breathe of fresh air if your channel skipping, if not, ill post a blog on Takeshi's Castle.....always worth a mention haha


Sunday, 26 April 2009

Last Nite was jokes

Hold tight all da mans who werent ther!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

DJ Talent

Just been watchin Britains Got Talen, on ITV, and this joker came on.

Apparantly hes been on Brittish TV for a while. Trisha, Jeremy Kyle, Venessa, all the talk shows. Hes had a nice little conversation with Kanye West too.

Even bin to Africa to help the kids.

Check his myspace here: http://www.myspace.com/djtalent21 to get more of a feel for this guys obsurd ego. Probably gonna have to keep appearin on second rate shows until his record label gets a break. Probably not anytime soon tho, cause lets be honest, hes shit.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Northern Ireland

in no particular...

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

what do we think then?

Seen these on HB

Text can be found HERE

Thursday, 16 April 2009

If You Like Me 0 7 9 Me

it's a midlands thing

I Remember, When I Look At You :-)

emalkay - when i look at you

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Supreme Elsewhere



it appears that supreme is now available (in limited quantity however) at 5050 skate store, bristol. don't know whether this is an official partnership or they are on a resell tip though. either way, one less excuse to haunt london, leeds or ebay

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Starkey - Ephemeral Exhibits

boy oh boy. was given this album earlier this year by a friend at university and for some reason totally forgot about listening to it. stuck it on today though while doing a bit of work and shit, have i missed out, it is superb. a clear cut confusion of british grime and dubstep sounds, with an electro-fied american enthusiasm and freshness, creating a sound you haven't quite heard yet and one that, i am sure, you will love. i am bouncing so much my neck hurts, this is so good.

starkey is a producer based in philadelphia, usa. his debut album, ephermal exhibits, was released late last year (yeah, a little late) after the success of his individual productions. he's also had his track 'gutter music' vocalled by the one durrty goodz, a true kic favourite. anyway, i highly recommend you get this album, here are a few of my favourites;

trust me, you are guaranteed to be jammin'

Monday, 13 April 2009

http://insoulmusic.tistory.com/ - Keepinitcurrent

Stumbled across this on insoulmusic, might be a keepinitcurrent feature? might of been because of brads post using there link, or could be something else, anyway still quite cool...



Check it HERE

Sunday, 12 April 2009

A Dub Debate

i love dubstep. period.
As soon as i heard Midnight Request line some years ago, i knew this was going to be big, and that i had waited a long time to hear this energy.

but there was a question raised recently about its life-span, what with the industries state, the pace of music today and how disposable great things have become, that the Brit-born bass banger we know as Dubstep will one day become hollow, repetitive, and culturally empty.

it got me thinking, and when it comes to music, this can be a bit lethal.

the last musical revolution that lasted over 5 years to come from this land would have to be (grime? too much ego involved from its forrfathers for anyone to really care where it was ever going) no it was definately drum n bass, and it did, like most british musical movements, take the world by storm.

but we are talking about music from a time where there was a longer thought process involved in manufacturing, creating, and pushing a record out, and the crowd absorbed with their whole mind.

then came the internet, and along with it, the home pc/laptop.

dont get me wrong, this opened up a door to the DIY world, where we have seen bedroom artists become available to those who not wanted, but needed to hear such styles such as Santogold, Simian Mobile Disco, and any other alternative individual sound, without the help of some coked up disorientated arrogant AnR head comparing them to what "sells".

but at the same time people are, even with chart music, becoming bored easily, and scene hungry.

whats the latest? whats in?

even in its young underground state, people are still ignoring whats going to be timeless, to whats a banger at the moment.

its gone from dark, minimal and quite masculine, to massively multi-cultural, open minded and a vibe of no limits.

try and contain it, try and put this genre into words....

exactly, you cant.... and i think for it to keep the blood pumping at a rate way past 140 BPM its got to remain that way.....unexpected, uncontainable, worldwide and unconventional.

no limits, no sellouts, no label and no fashion hype, pop lead money hungry throw away "this months" fuckin' industry bitch.

i love what this country has produced with the arts, and what weve contributed to the world with our bare hands and ears....but i hate how weve destroyed the potential at times just to make a quick quid, or to look good at a party.

i support its every move at the moment, lets hope the faith remains from those who share the passion.

Dub is a feeling, not a brand

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Most Valuable Pound

the other day boredom struck and so i ended up trawling through a lot of blogs and began reading an interesting post on trapstar about the decline in the uk's streetwear outlets and the death of many a retailer. basically, a number of the lesser known, up and coming london brands are uniting for what they are dubbing the 'reset'. apparently headed by a guy called juda, who i later realised was the black guy from stussy, seriously one of the sickest guys in england (no homo). anyways, about 10 brands are coming together (trapstar, second son, pretty all city, art in transit etc.). however, more on juda, basically as well as all his other ventures he is the front of this brand; most valuable pound (MVP). obviously i wanted to find out about this brand in particular having never heard of it before. after struggling and stumbling through links etc. i managed to find the MVP website and various t-shirt designs featured on another blog...


more info here: http://insoulmusic.tistory.com/entry/MVP-Most-Valuable-Pound

just wanted to share my findings and let people have a think. basically, the 'reset' sale will happen some time in the future at the nike sportswear 1948 store.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

GQ Event

decided to roll up to this GQ event in selfridges bullring. Wasnt saying alot, just a promotional offer on some clothes which wernt booming. Free drinks though one was nice but peroni has to be the worst larger i have had. jokes to be had though and some funny pictures...

gq 003

gq 002

gq 004

It was just a weird vibe of games and people, what was the point in having this..

gq 005

They had some evisu guy doing some evisu desgins on some plain evisu jeans, if ur a evisu fan you would love it, we were baking are names on are jeans though.

gq 009

Some villa guys were there brad was chuffed..

gq 011

Goody bagsss

gq 012

Quite good content, DKNY SANDLES BLUD! shaun will be looking nutty in the ends this summer with some john smedley socks as well.

gq 013

gq 014

Is that shaun goals on the red carpet, picture is to deep click then click again to get full effect.

gq 016

gq 018

gq 019

Thats it.

Why was Ace Still breathing.

Yer its been a while since ive blogged. No real excuse to be honest, just felt like I had nothing big or clever to say. The silence has to be broken now though, feel like I want to get back onto my soap box and let people hear what it is that im saying.

Bought the film Casino yesterday for £4 from HMV (they got a wicked sale on at the mo, so anyone lookin for a good night in with the telly should go and have a mooch for some cheap deals). Now almost everyones probably got a favourtie gangster film, Goodfellas, any one of the Godfather series, Scarface etc. But it seems to me like the only thing that ive ever learned from any of the afformentioned titles is that I never wanna be a gangster. Take Tony Montanna for example. Fair enough he came to florida as an immigrant with nothing but his battle scars, and he made his way up the crime ladder by fighting tooth and nail. Even got himself a nice woman on the way. Unfortunately for him though, he saw his mates arm get cut off wit a flippin chainsaw, he saw his sister get killed and in the end of it all he took about 50 shotgun blasts to his spine whilst having a drug induced ego trip.

Id say that this was the general rule of thumb for most if not all gangster films. Things start off nice, kill a few of your enemies, get your name up, get a nice wife, wife turns into a bitch, people get jealous, you fuck up and then die.

From this:

To this...

...in the space of 170 mins. I dont look up to Tony Montana. Hes not sick. He turned out to be a power crazy coke head.

After watching Casino I realised that not all Gangster films necessarily have to have such an unhappy ending. Meet Sam "Ace" Rothstein, in my opinion the baddest character Scorsese has ever came up with.

Not gonna give a synopsis of the film, if you havent seen it you should go and get it, sit down, put it on, get a pen and paper and take notes. Now clearly im no gangster. Far from it, im just a regular, everday normal guy. But i reckon if all us boys were a bit more like Ace we would be a step closer to being men.

Firslty, Ace was a clever guy. He knew when he moved to Vegas that the old street style of doing crime had to be done away with, cause he knew that that shit would'nt fly in his new surroundings. He made a concious choice to put away behaviours that he knew would only lead to him ending up in alota shit.

Unlike Nikky...

''who thought that the Vegas was the wildwest''
Basically, as a man, you need to know how to behave. Dont be acting like a rebellous adolescent who thinks the only way to get respect is to disrespect everything and everyone, when really you should be acting like a man of integrity who knows when its necessary to follow orders and realises that it takes a bigger man to handle his responsibilties properly than it does to bitch and complain every time someone asks you to do something that you shoud already be doing.

Throughout the film Ace encounters a few situations where, as the boss and as a man he had to lay the law down; even though it meant that there were gonna be consequences.

He wasnt afraid to say what had to be said, and in the end it did cost him. But he knew that he had still had his integrity, and no one could call him out for not speakin up about things that other poeple werent going to. So as a man, you gotta speak up, even if it means your gonna have to pay for it.

Ace wasnt the touhgest guy in the film, actually he did'nt throw a punch throughout the whole film. But nevetheless people got hurt when he wanted them too.

And this is a great lesson for small guys like myself. Ace wasnt the biggest guy in the room, but he stil managed to cause plenty of damage to his enemies.

With regards to the title of the blog, not to spoil the plot for anyone, but everything goes to shit in vegas, mainly because people wernt doin there job properly. In the end, alot of poeple loose their lifes, except Ace. I reckon that the only reason he was still breathin at the end of the film is cause he knew what he was the only guy who didnt make the kinda mistakes that the best of us would do. He showed respect to the guys who needed it, he didnt get to greedy, he earned his own respect, he made the mistake of fallin in love wit a woman who didnt return the favour, but he rectified that problem with patience. All the other guys in the film who ended up buried had dickhead best mates who in the end stabbed them in the back, or should i say cracked their skulls open with baseball bats. Yer thats really important too, make sure you always have a good guy who you can trust at all times, just like Billy Sherbert, Ace's right hand man:

I reckon Ace survived cause he wasnt he loudest guy in the room, but people heard him when he spoke, cause he wasnt the cleverest guy around, but he had his head screwed onto his shoulders and cause he knew how to handle his resposibilities.

Sorry for how 'wordy' this post turned out to be. Wanted to say more bout this film but ma belly wants a sandwhich and ive written too much already. I kno alot of you would rather look at some billion megapixel action shots taken from someones SLR10048209 or watch some youtube videos of some dub step tune than actually have to sit there and read shit. To be honest i would rather look at that too. But a little bit of reading never hurt anyone.