Thursday, 30 October 2008

Phillies win World Series....

After staying up late the past few night to watch this it came to an end quite early after a game got called short for rain, however never realy been into baseball but its something abut these big sports events thats gets you...

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


On Tuesday it was planned for myself, the twins, Rogers and Kirkland to visit Charles in Coventry, after snow fall in the evening things were looking down but the trip went ahead anyway. Took a while to get there due to the motorway being crazy but we eventually made it a bit later than planned. After finding a car park we met Charles at the bus station and made our way to his halls, as your not allowed more than 1 person to stay we had to use the backdoor to avoid security.
Chalres' room was bigger than expected however there were some odd storage arangments
We chilled for a bit before going out and met a few of Charles' friends whos names have already escaped me, Andy? i think one was called

Kirkland is pointing to Ant twins super tight jeans which were the butt of many jokes throughout the night


We then went to a club called JJ's, £4 entry with a £6 que jump, due to the rediculously cold weather we opted for the que jump and went in to find 4 boys half naked on the stage, everyones imediate reaction was 'WTF is this Charles?' however we soon realised it was some sort of game show which was about to finish so we just headed to the bar till it was over.
80p per drink was sayin alot so we were buying a few at a time to prevent long queing

Air violin
When the music started it was some real cheesey stuff which no one was impressed with apart from Kirkland
Check this dude in the middle of the stage in the white shirt, he was the oldest dude in there but was lookin to pull, bustin out moves all night on stage

Dude must have serious game
We spent most of the night on a raised area looking over the dance floor, a group of 'mature' women kept lookin up at us which got quite uncomfortable after a while then Rogers got chatted up by another 2 old women which made him even more uncomfortable

A few decent songs were dropped so we had a little skank

Everyone got prety bored of the shit music so we left a bit early and ventured back to Charles' flat

On the way back we went to a Kebab shop that was owned by these 2 dodgy lookin guys

I opted for Chips with chilli sauce n mayo
got some dodgy chilli sauce

Another Chill before Rich passed out, followed shortly by me

Kirkland woke up in a cocoon and looked oddly pleased with himself

The View from Chales' Room

Full English and a cuppa all round before seting off
Then jorneyd home for a well deserved sleep
Thanks to Charles for his hospitality and a quite succesful night
Note to everyone: NEVER GO TO JJ's!


thats why the po-po shouldnt get high lol!

''Help me Neil'' ''Just 2 Minutes man'' lol

see...the police can be funny

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Kanye West Robocop

What ya think of this?

Monday, 27 October 2008

I hate...

Guys that think their real hard when in a mosh pitt which is why i found this video extremely funny...
At least i think its a pitt, either way, totally deserved lol

Ladies and Gentlemen.....its a serious thing!!!

Nas, Mos Def, Pharcyde will be playing Carling Academy on Thursday 6th of November. tickets are £30 as far as i can tell.

i will be first to say ''Im there''
who else?

Barry NY special

Another good night from the Bigger than Barry lads, always coming through with the good vibes and generally good beats. Alot of comotion before hand about transport to and from the event but in the end everyone made it.
The guest DJs from NY were a duo called treble and bass who turned out to be prety good, especially the girl and were much better mixers than the barry boys so we had a continuous set for a while. In the pub area there was another decent DJ dropping alot of 80s pop that Goals was loving.
Those in attendance:
Bad timing

Shauns show love tee that was rumoured to be a girl magnet came through and he got alot of atention off some girl in a gold dress, only downfall was you could have contracted an std from her breathe, bad times.

soulja boy - tell em

Turn my swag on, I decided post it for ya shhhhhhauners.

Sunday, 26 October 2008


Tuesday afternoon i met Amy Smallman to get some Skate pictures. Her photography has come a long way since last time i met up with her, last time her timing was off as she was getting used to the camera, this time it was spot on and when taking these sorts of pictures timing is essentisal. A bad side to the day is that my flow was not so good so i let the team down really so some of the best shots were when i wasnt doing a trick.
Here are the best shots of the day:

This photo is amazing, captured the feeling of the day perfectly
tre flip
backside flip
Good shit Amy, keep it up

No hate...

...but shirgs bites harder than Benji the dog lool

I didn't know if people knew where our kid benji's name was from so i thought i would educate.
He stole it from a dog.
Think i'll call him barry next ;)

..ooops i mean, word.



Gold Timex..

For all you watch fans out there or just want some bargins argos have the gold timex on sale at the price of £9.99, on the site it says 12 pounds but in the book it says 9.99 so go figure! your looking at something like the oki-ni one but on a cheaper scale...


Going to watch chelsea and liverpool! f it ends in a draw ill be mad...

Saturday, 25 October 2008

eat your greens, barfly liverpool

friday nights are not the best for the student crowd in liverpool, the main areas get taken over by the locals and everyone usually ends up at a place called indiecation, which to be fair is a good night, but having been twice already i wanted to sample something different. early on in the week tyze (guy from my floor) had handed me a flyer for this event offering dubstep, reggae and electro, with ed solo and jfb headlining so i thought hmmmm, why not? with everyone we knew staying in, going home or heading for indiecation, me r.k., tyze and becca decided to go against the grain. we jumped on the bus from halls and, as usual, it was mayhem, we managed to get twenty something people on the back of the bus (not as good as night before though but thats another story), departed from the crowd and headed for the barfly. the £6 entrance charge was a little steep but we had the money ready so went for it anyway. when we got in the dubstep was in full force and we had a little bit of a skank before another dj stepped up with a bit of electro. to be honest, not really to me and r.k.'s tastes but it got the crowd moving and there were some hits dropped.
hall mates
bus madness
r.k., becca, tyze
at 1am on stepped the headliners, jfb and ed solo. they absolutely ripped it up, smashing the crowd with an artillery of bass and dropping some absolute dubstep bangers, then moved through the genres to a bit of d&b some roots dub and finished the night off with some electro. safe to say us lot were skanking hard, majorly hard. around the pace we bumped in to a few familiar faces from halls and in general it was a top night!
skanks all round!

blinded by the lights

even this guy was feeling it

other worldlystage invadersjust how he's doin it these days!