Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Best Grub 2008!

Some people have been talking about these awards and since 2008 is nearly over non have been given out! However i belive one place that should be shouted out is the fine eating establishment known as sam's in the village of "hamstead", with a nice atmos and some of the best deals know to man, 3 pound burger meal being my favourite. Me and 2 spoons decided to roll up for our last 2008 meal?

adam pictures 189

adam pictures 188

2 Spoons having a butchers..Belive he opted for the double burger meal that night ?

adam pictures 186

What i came out with...

adam pictures 192

Also included drink not shown above.

Monday, 29 December 2008

flipping downturn

don't know if anyone has been following the news recently, but today there was an announcement very relevant to me. plenty of well established british retailers have fallen foul to the economic downturn we are experiencing; zavvi and woolworths are gone, adams is close but the latest one is usc, the company i have been employed by for the past year. this has kind of left me in a pickle as i am employed by this company in two cities. internal investors have stumped up the capital to rescue so many stores, however birmingham is not one of them but liverpool is. so looks like i'll be o.k. for a bit but it won't last long, until i move back to birmingham in may. i suppose you could say i am quite lucky, but you gotta feel sorry for the full time staff who have got families, mortgages etc. and are now jobless. being a student, i haven't really felt the downturn, but now with friends and family beginning to be affected so soon after christmas i am realising its seriousness on a new level.


why he is the godfather of grime


now you may or may not be familiar with the character cass pennant, hailing from east london and growing up on the terraces of west ham united, becoming involved in the scene of football violence in the 70's and 80's. well anyway, in summer 2008 a movie was released about his life and having read a few of his books and having a particular interest in the culture of hooliganism, or the british disease as it was so aptly named in the 1980s, i had regarded it as a must see.

now, this cass is one tough bastard, if you've read the books you will know he does not mess around and has dealt out a fair few kickings aswell as being on the receiving end being shot and stabbed and what not. however, the film portrays him in a very different light as a soft centred yet still very ruthless personality. cass lived a tough life, being an orphan of caribbean descent and being adopted by a white working class family in london's notorious east end from a very young age. the film follows his lifes trials from his adolescent years of schoolyard scraps, his first experiences under the wings of the south bank crew and later evolving in to the figurehead of the inter city firm and perhaps the most famous football hooligan in the country, before getting locked up and becoming involved in a vicious spat with a rival that nearly leads to his death. along the way cass has his ups and downs, settling down with a wife and children and becoming the manager of a large security firm but suffering frequent racial abuse and losing those close to him on the way. this film is no blockbuster by anymeans, but i think it is another success story in british cinema. the violence of the 70s and 80s is focused on quite significantly, the hey day of hooliganism. if you talk to those who have been involved over the years they will tell you some quite amazing stories from these times, from capturing the home end on an away day, taking one hundred top lads in the back of a van across the country to fight for their weekend buzz, their getaway, release, religion, their football club. just like the books i have read, i found the movie quite a thrilling account of a culture so close in time to us but one we will never see or relate to. a time where the working class were rising and falling with high unemployment but a bigger drive than ever to get out and earn a living. this also brings me to my next point, the hooligan movement gave birth to the casuals, those who would deck out in the best and most exclusively expensive gear from around europe just to get it covered in blood and torn up. it is amusing in the film to see how this develops, from the leather jackets and flares of the 70s, the fila track tops and adidas trainers from the 80s etc. the film highlights how this scene and its mass involvement and exposure has contributed, if not spawned the working class desire for exclusivity and expensive trends and of course with any film like this as well as the classic clobber, there is an accompanying classic soundtrack.
a highly recommended watch, read the books aswell if you can.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Christmas shinanigins

Christmas Day TV wernt sayin mutch Turkey/Duck was cold, so decided roll round some houses to wish people a merry christmas, link shaun at his crib for 10:00pm.

Went to the shop then had roll back to pick up pro-evo then headed to Roots house. Shaun what did you get for christmas ?

ProEvo is already a classic lol

Nuff Films! and..

Nuff labels in his room!

Decided head on road to see what's going down at 11:00pm on xmas day. S.G's was ready nock a man out when he saw some NF tag..

Shaun likes to keep his card at the ready to drop some p's

Backwards R oots Had phone up some geeza who Owed him some dosh, told his ass to get down Pheasey ASAP.

Had wait 15mins in the cold for the guy so chilled in the ends for bit, Hold tight Buffet Island whitch is looking quite nice inside might have to reach for new years ? but more then likely health inspectors will be there before us. Geeza final showed up money at hand..

After That rolled Back Roots To murk some manz at pro buy manz i mean shaun and buy murk i mean MUUURK.

Friday, 26 December 2008

look what i found ....
i already have a bid on the only remaining one.
If you missed my blog on IRAK, and like some people, you have no idea what this brand means, type into google "irak clothing earsnot"

my blog comes up first result.

BAPE x Teriyaki Boyz

During my stay in Italy, i realised the importance of sunglasses to your profile; for those that see the sun regularly enough to rock 'em anyway.
so Teriyaki Boyz have graced us with these fly mother fuckers


Rusko - WIlliam H Tonkers

not a blog ina while?
hope u all hada gd crimbo.??.. what did peeps get?
listenin to some dub, n come across this. BIG JAM!


Monday, 22 December 2008

BIGGER than Bigger than Barry.

Huge night!
I need say no more.

Hold tight all who attended.


It's good to be back in birmingham.
Merry Christmas all!!

Wagamamas. CaVa. Raz.

Just a few snaps from that one.