Sunday, 31 August 2008


A bit late on this post, my loyal sidekick and i took a trip to London last Wednesday, the day was filled with shopping, sightseeing, junk food and a few costume changes here and there. Was a very nice day with a few dilemas at the end but everything ended up aight.

(purchases: Huf stag tee, Uniqlo jeans)

(also, was the first time ive ever visited southbank which quite frankly gave me a semi)

The day in pictures:

Whos Reachin...

Brap to TAPEDECK being there!


generally, most wardrobes have a balance of branded items and basics. h&m is one of the most popular places to get these simple items and to get 20% off your next purchase all you need to do is apply for the newsletter!

Kiosk 78

for those who were on the leeds trip, you might remember stumbling across this shop, although we did not get a chance to look inside, turns out it's a pretty new addition to leeds. from the outside it looked promising, stocking quite a large selection of some of the most sought after "smarter" brands (a.p.c., acne etc.). i'm sure you will agree there is some cool stuff on their site, all be it not to everyone's taste. a big positive for kiosk 78 for me is the range of denim they have, from the finest specialist brands that have not previously been available to buy in the uk (skull, warehouse, flathead etc.).

next time we are in leeds the shops definitely need to be visited (during opening hours), despite matt's unnecessary down grading of the town centre, shopping wise it looks very promising!

Everything Is Borrowed

as a loyal fan from the beginning, it's only natural that i blog these videos (a little late). the first and the last tracks from mike skinner's "the streets" forthcoming album, everything is borrowed. i have been eagerly anticipating this release for a while and for me, skinner ain't disappointing so far. his third album "the hardest way to make an easy living" was a bit hit and miss and i really want to hear a return to form. expect killer samples, expect the bedroom beat sound, expect the poetic sounds of skinner's straight up vocals, expect his mix of metaphor and reality, expect issues that other artists overlook. it should be big! released 15/09/2008

Everything Is Borrowed;
the credit crunch in skinner terms

The Escapist;
a dillusional determination to find a release and find tranquillity, go wherever you want to go

Saturday, 30 August 2008

New Purchase

Made a new purchase today been thinkin bout gettin them 4 a while now
big thanks to brad! who hooked me up wid these bad boys =]

Get at me!

Yeye following on from wallabrads last post.
Deadstock Nike Air Vengance US 11.5 UK 10.5
Do your research! to find out how rare
Email at for more details


today was all about the trip to the capital for a depleted keepin' it current team; itchy, shaun goals and i. take note, the humidity levels were crazy! thats a keepin' it current warning for the "heatwave" we will be experiencing this weekend, be prepared! (shaun goals was!)

it wasn't too early a start compared with previous trips to london but we still managed to miscalculate the early morning bus route traffic, and although i was at national express on time, goals and itchy were not. the time was approx. 7.57, coach left at 8, so obviously i made a call and they explained their running lateness so i did my best to hold up the coach. our coach left, but we ended up on a different, emptier coach with about 4 people on it. it was now about 8.07, national express do not muck about.

we reached london in good time, purchased tube passes and jumped on the victoria line to oxford circus with the purpose of browsing the shops in oxford street and the surrounding area. uniqlo was the first port of call, and as usual various things were tried on but this time no-one came away with anything. the main highlight being the return of seeley's jeans, a task which i had been provided with and could have been a bit tricky. but the staff didn't bother checking addresses and it was cool. i think he might have even made £7 because they refunded the full price for jeans even though he bought them at a discount online. we continued through the key shops. leaving a volume of tried on but not purchased goods in our wake, at this moment it didn;t really seem that there was much worth buying. there was some nice stuff, but nothing to wanna make you part with your cash.

on passing thorugh hideout shaun goals noticed one of the guys from bond international, so they had a little chat and we swiftly moved to the greggs next door, very hungry at this point! the usual for me (steak bake & muffin), dunno bout itchy, but goals was raving about this sandwich, can't remember the name, that seems to be exclusive to this greggs only!? we grabbed our snacks and sat in the little square down the road to consume in tranquillity. whike we were here there was some friends of the earth campaign taking place. a hypocritical bunch, throwing potatoes around, smoking, putting on a lil' show. but we didn't have time for this nonsense. we moved off, not before shirgs attempted some homemade fisheye lens, and on the way saw a ticket man giving a ticket to an aston martin. haha, but then you think, this guy must be ballin' he knows he's illegally parked but he doesn't car, them fines are just like his change from a caviar on toast breakfast at the ritz every morning.

next stop before leavin the area was mhi, no time for browsing here. as we walked down the stairs i made it clear that d double e was in the building, i was sure. but goals was like nah. we moved down a bit further and there was footsie, oh my, newham generals! we could not miss that photo opportunity (don't watch footsie, as d double e put it, on the cyber flex). safe too say mans were hyped!

next, in a quest for something different, i wanted to find a shop we had heard rumours of; kazmattaz. a shop which specialises in old trainers basically. after a long-ish tube journey, made more unbearable than it already was by the heat, we reached old street station, clueless of where to go. so after asking for directions we stumbled across their humble premise. it was pretty cool, a bit of a mess but some decent trainers to be found. the pick being purple and red nike vengeance, which me and shaun goals snapped up in the last 2 available sizes. a trainer we have both been on for time, but never managed to find. that made the little excursion worthwhile.

our last shopping area of the day would be covent garden. again we hit all the key shops, nothing special really. shaun had a little trouble finding the right jeans, which caused bere pissed offness understandably. slam city was fruitful, picked up a nice plain huf tee in the sale and the various hats had goals hypin'. some nice tees in general. goals also purchased some black and purple eras. nuff jokes provided by shaun goals accidentally trying on the wrong size tee!

passed by stussy to see what was going on with the boneyards terminator release and dabbled with the idea of entering under the offer of free beer and a chill. but it looked like it would take a while to liven up and we didn't really have the time, so back to oxford circus for a garfunkels. i had heard alot about this place, and it sure lived up to its high reviews from other team members!

we cranked for a bit on the lather sofas, then departed for our coach home. not a good journey, at all. on a day like today, with all the humidity, the air con had broke. i for one was sweating before i had even sat down. it was dangerous. i didn't think i had the stmaina for the 2.5 hour journey but we made it. not nice though, not nice! very uncomfortable.

all in all a good day. the levels of people in london are a higher tier compared to birmingham but watch out for itchy's thoughts on that!

Thursday, 28 August 2008

late night work....

As i sat around pondering of what to do on a wednesay night, after watching verious movies through out the day including city of god and the terminal! i decided to try and come up with a banner for keeping it current refeltive of a movie sadly to say my paint skills are not high so any one with better graphics skills who can help will be mutch apreciated! as i think we would all agree a banner would be nice....

"Sample idea"


taken from Young Jeezy the Recession.
another Dj Toomp banga!!!!!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008


last night i was near antb's so i popped in to see wahgwarn. we were having a brief chat in the kitchen when we were interrupted by what can only be described as a monster;

this arachnid was flippin' huge, too big to fit under a glass, i would say around the size of a small child's hand. so naturally, not being fans of spiders, me and ant didn't really wanna go near it. ant hailed fumika who was equally as shocked as us at it's massiveness. so ant decided to hatch a plan to kill it, febreeze spray? no!, boxing gloves?, no! (doorbell rings), shaun goals to the rescue! he waltzed in with shrig and sat down to eat his food before deciding to take on the spider. he grabbed up an air freshener, sprayed the spider who fell the 8 foot drop on to the kitchen floor, it's legs glued together by the spray meant it's getway was not a fast one and goals himself reached down with a tissue and grabbed the spider. round of applause for mr goals. however, before disposing of the spider he decided to prang everyone up by shoving it in my face, ant sent me flying throught the kitchen door so he could get away and goals ran out the house and put the spider to its death!

Hip Hop 101...............Straight Underground!!

no mainstream here!

Oh No - Move

Visionaries - If You Can't Say Love

(This isnt the video for the song)

got a spare 7:49 mins?, i personally think this story is better than his infamous 'Dance with the devil' track.

stay blessed.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Monday 1st September

For all you Dipset fans out there, try and reach this!!!
It seems that Dipset are touring around the country, I was previously told about only 1 show at Shepards Bush in LDN. But when we was at Leeds Carnvial some Diplomats street team member was handing these flyers out.

I looked at the flyer and I was like YOU WOT YOU WOT lol. Leeds mans was going barmy!.

So I'm defo gonna b there.

Bank Holiday Bonanza

Yeye, Ant B decided to host a gathering at his yard consisting of good vibes, old and new faces plus a good spread of food drink and other substances lol. I was unable to collect a lot of photos due to the N95 being on the blink and also the general camera quality lol.

Here are the pics of some keepin' it current members.....


C.E.M, gone for two months is back from Turkey

RK, was here for a bit, b4 departing too Sweden


Ant B the host



Some of us mans ain't lookin to happy because of tiredness, due to the Leeds Carnival trip and work.

Look out for whoevas bloggin that!!!

boxing fans

supreme fall 2008, drop it with your tyson and you will (not) be ballin'

Sunday, 24 August 2008

RIP........Dimitri Foskin

A 24-year-old man who was shot dead in Birmingham has been named by police.

Dimitri Foskin was gunned down in Hockley Close in Newtown, an area which has been plagued by shootings in the past year.

It is the third fatal shooting in Newtown in less than a year.

On March 18, Nehemiah Bryce, 27, of Winson Green, was shot in Rodway Close, just a few hundred yards from the scene of last night's shooting.

On December 23 last year, Assar Joseph Mohammed Tomlinson was shot dead during a row outside a pub.

its astonishing to think that even in a city like Birmingham, in a country like England, in the modern day, people are still resorting to using guns and knives to resolve their differences.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Swagger like us...

Just a quick Post. Kanye, Wayne, Jay Z, T.I, M.I.A sample one for Shaun goals as i belive he was going to use a sample from paperplanes unless im mistaken but if you havent heard it heres a link.....Here

Friday, 22 August 2008

2004 Relay!

Since its coming to the end of the 2008 olympics and all the relays are set to take place, with the main invent, which must be the jamican team in the mens 100m relay, with bolt who will no doudt pull something crazy out, i predeict to be the winning team, however the Best moment from the last olympics in athens, and one of the best british moments of athletics was the 100m final, where were you when this happend...

A new home for two..

It was decided late tuesday, that we should take a trip to Liverpool where in less than a month brad and i will be living whilst studying at the Uni of Liverpool. We thought that a day trip was due to visit the city and have an explore to take in the culture.
Texts were sent, and a few phone calls exchanged just as i came walking out of N*E*R*D, and it was decided that we leave at about 10ish the following morning.
With team members baking such as brad, shrig, mat and myself it was sure to be a fun-filled adventure :) lol

After waking on tuesday morning i found that i also had to take my brother's friend who had been stopping with us back to her home town too. So and hour later than planned we all squeezed into my car and headed out for the 2hour drive that was to commence.

We arrived at Liverpool at 1 and quickly found a parking area just a short walk from the city center. For £2 all day (till 6) it was a big look.
After dropping off Leonie the team headed for a mingle around the center and headed straight for the new £1 Billion shopping district named LiverpoolOne. All the big brands are there and it boasts shops such as American Apparel, Nike store, Gap, Urban Outfitters (soon to open) and many more. It's basically Liverpool's equivalent of our own Bullring.
It adds a lot to the city center and creates a modern, cosmopolitan environment. I recommend going to check it and i know the others will too. Mat was bare chuffed lol.

An enquiry at the information office later and we were on our way towards the Tate Modern Liverpool Museum where we head rumors that a Banksy was on display.
No Banksy but a very helpful liverpudlian museum assistant and a slave history/maritime museum. So we had a brief chat and found some good galleries for future reference and also that there was an original Bansky piece located somewhere in Liv'.

Mat wanted to check the Slave History Museum and we were all hungry for some cultural food-for-thought so we took advantage of the free entry and had a look round.
Mat might want to post on this..?? I think we all found it interesting and educational.

After our visit to the Museums and Albert Docks we headed back into town. Destination: Bold St, the home of old/urban liverpool. This street has a really nice feel to it with small privately owned stores and boutiques and then larger branches such as the renowned ( :D ) Size? store itself.
Had a browse and a few items were bought from Size? courtesy of my discount card; Brad got some true white authentics and Mat got a trainer spotter T (i think, i didn't really see it properly. soz mat).

We all decided it was time for food so people grabbed snacks from various locations which included a funny and traditionally expected encounter with some true Scousers. I tried to take a sly picture but it didn't come out too well. They were drunken 14-16 year olds with a heavy Liv' accent who for some reason took a liking to matthew. 'twas jokes lol.

We then headed back to the car with intentions on tracking down our student accommodation which me and brad have been issued. Some wrong turns, bad map reading (mention no names!! lol), bare different directions being hailed at me and then we were there. Rankin and Morton House themselves.
They are located in a very lovely area with attractive views over the near-by park and green open spaces available for the students to enjoy all year round. lol.
I was actually very impressed and although the building themselves were dated and bombed-up with wet tissues, clearly reminiscences from previous student pranks, the surrounding area was wikid. :)
I referred to it as the Edgebaston/Harborne of Liverpool. Very nice indeed.

We left there with a feeling of expectation and excitement and stumbled across a Tesco's a short trip down the road. I was like blapp. i know i'll be spending bare time and money in there in the future.
Everyone got food and whilst doing so bumped into quite a few high-rated girls.
Me and brad = smiles all round lol.
..the local community looked to be full of student/lecturer/that-sort-of-uni-environment-types and we were feeling it! lol
Things looked promising for the future :D

The final stage of our day trip consisted of us mans devouring our selection of Tesco's Finest in my car whilst chatting and just generally joking around, before starting back on the 2hour trip home.

I thought the day was informative, educational, insightful, enjoyable and overall dapper.

A few pics:

Sorry mat, shrig.. but i had to put this pic on here!! lool

Great day guys.