Tuesday, 30 September 2008

quick extrememly mini update cuz i feel like it lol

Ok ppl, internet in my room is up n runnin. jus got up an hour ago to get to a lecture dat starts 9.15 which meens i've only had erm..........3 and sumthin hours sleep lol. decided 4 sum reason to go tramps last night wiv sum flat mates straight afta my ju-jitsu class and then ther was an after party in halls dat prob still wud b goin on if security dint send us all to bed for bein a tad too loud lol. Got a popular psychology lecture today which is like how psychology is viewed in the media and public so am looking forward to that. to those who have been waiting, dont worry a proppa blog shud be comming soon, but dont know bout doin it as a vid cuz toooo much has happend and i'll jus be rambling on for ages. Neway i fink i'm goin bigger than barry dis weekend so see u ther if ur attending, if not then as always;

Peace till next time

The darker side of fame with Piers Morgan

This guys views are funni, but very offensive. I think this is the best bit!


Youtube wouldn't let me embed the file.
However heres the main beef he had on Hells Kitchen which caused a bit of scandal lol.

Monday, 29 September 2008

my two pence...

following rk's lil' update i felt it only necessary to report my progress while here in liverpool. the university experience is kinda mad, alot of banter etc. with people being from different backgrounds and there are a lot of jokes to be had. there's alot of people to meet and it is crazy hard to remember names and faces from the day/night before but we get by. freshers week was alot, really busy, drinks everywhere, new faces and just plain madness. anyway the best way to do this is a day by day rundown:

got in to liverpool and met up with the one badderman rk, moved all my gear and then went for a spot of food in town before saying my goodbyes. came back to halls after a walk through allerton, the local high street area, similar to boldmere and got aquainted with the guys on my floor. quite nice people, friendly and representing all areas of the country. the time came to taste my first catered meal, which was saying quite alot, pasta and meatballs with a few other sides. returned to halls and had a proper scout out. room was nicely sized and made alot more homely after my unpacking, although it is a little dreary i have done my best to jazz it up. the showers are a nice size and facilities generally good, although cold showera is not a big look, being on the top floor means that the hot water sometimes doesn't make it up here. next on the agenda was to embark on the first venture in to liverpool town centre for both me and rk and we ended up in a cool bar/club by the name of bumper after we failed to gain entry to dj q/mc bones live p.a.! was a good night.

gruelling. after the unpacking of the day before and the late night my alarm woke me at around 7am for breakfast. had to be done, introductory talks started at 9.30am and the food qeues kill it. registered for my course and met a few new faces from the history group and had a wonder round campus and in to town with a few of them. came back for my food and returned to halls to prepare for the night ahead which later turned in to a bar crawl with a few of the lads from my halls.

another early wake up for talks and the like but had a full day this time. nothing important to note really, more new faces and stuff and on the night went with r.k. to cube, liverpool's biggest and newest nightspot. was quite good, laid down a few skanks for the scousers and the short but sweet bassline set hit well.

yet another early rise for another day full of talks etc. signed up to the history football team and met my history tutor for the coming months along with my seminar group. chilled around campus then went home for a power nap before my first shift at liverpool usc. got out the tatty garms and headed down to liverpool one, their bullring. walked in to a mess of a premesis with no flooring or fixtures and this place was supposed to open in less than a week! met all my new colleagues before getting down and dirty, lifting approx. 1000 boxes of everything the shop is gonna need up stairs and over obstacles. man was sweating hard, don't think i've ever worked so hard! managed to scav a lift from one of my new colleagues back to my halls and jumped in the shower. couldn't be arsed with another cold one so went and raided someone elses shower and got changed ready for the night. various people were headin in different directions and i couldn't decide where to go so i ended up chilling with rk and his hallmates and got a relatively early 2am bedtime.

my first proper shift at work. did a full day after waking in the morning to munch some fruesli(sp?) that a kind girl from rk's ends had given to me and headed to the bus stop. which wasn't running! so had to get a move on in to allerton to get a next bus. landed in town after randomly chatting to a guy from the apple store offering me a discount in the process. work wasn't to strenuous just monotonous and got back to halls in time to get ready for the dubstep night at the barfly. tunes were massive but the crowd was not. although i wasn't moaning did the whole night for free; passback on an old daysaver, sneaked in to barfly via a back door and conned a couple greenbanks (students from our rival halls of residence) on the taxi fare back

the firts sign of a lie in. was able to get up about 10am catch some breakfast and then head in to uni for the freshers fare. joined a few societies. signed up to pretty much every fighting style and self defence society in hope of ceveloping a mad fighting style and engaging in an attempt on world domination via the ufc. got a few free goodies and then headed in to town for another shift. was scheduled for a 5-9 but got out at 6.15 because we finished everything. bonus. came back to halls to prepare for the massivest student event on road, roadblock. a wristband allowing you entry to every club in concert square (a condensed broad street etc.). started off with drinks in my kitchen where people were slowly gwtting themselves on their way via various spirits and methods in which to drink them. then the singing started. loads of chants coming from all the different areas people were from and this continued all the way to the bus stop, where we jumped the qeue, and continued on to the bus. it was pure madness, a whole bus goin crazy singing various chants and anti-greenbank songs. we managed to fit around 20 people on the back seats before arriving in concert square for roadblock. in and out of various places with different people meant for a great night of jokes.

thought i was gonna get a nice lie in ut nah. 7am bang on and the loudest alarm ever started ringing, ask rk, it was ridiculous! woke up in a state of mad disorientaion thinking something was going off in my room and started chucking things everywhere to see what was going on then clocked that it was a fire alarm. pure groggy people everywhere, many still drunk dragging themselves out of the building. went straight back to bed and back to sleep. woke up, tidied room sorted few things then headed in to uni for my first lecture. a weird vibe, one guy talking to 400 people and i feel its gonna take alot to get used to learning again. came back for dinner and collected a few tings from tesco. now i'm heading down to a lil' gathering in the next block. hold tight evryone. this story will continue...

p.s. its not all that sick. i am feeling quite uncomfortable at times and experiencing periods of feeling down. missing home, family and of course the team!

liverpool is boss lad

Alife X Penfield

Two favourites, Alife and Penfield have collaborated on a windrunner for the ss08 line and is very different to previous colabs seen between the two brands. The light weight, mesh lined jacket has an adjustable hood and hem and features large ARC logo across the body with a small penfield logo on the chest.

The cost of this little number is £89 and is abilable from oki-ni and sizes go upto an xxl

Prison Dance

i found it flippin funny...name says it all, prisoners in the Phillapeans are able to have so many dance lessons per month and at the end of the month they do a show, there are about 27 of these but i just chose the best two you can view rest hear.

Soulja Boy/Mc Hammer....


Hold tight barriouk in the making!

Jus Some Lol's!

''a face full of celebration'' lol

til next time....

Sunday, 28 September 2008

London Second Week- Thursday - South Bank and Can Carnival!

London- Free Day, on my One, doing a bit of touring:
South Bank :

so i have a day off due to some timetable confusion and i cant return early to birmingham, since i have an E Ticket, and you have to obide by thy holy book with those tickets. kinda frustrated that i cant come home early and relax, but i begin wondering wether this day may do me good.

quick phone call to ant and he suggests seeing South Bank; a well known spot across the Nation from what i can gather for the skater breed.but he seemed to rant on more about the Graff content there, and i was a bit confused as id never really heard of this spot for graff.

get off at Embankment, over the Millenium Bridge, past South Bank accidentally round the back, back on myself on the water front this time and im in fucking Nirvana.

one camera phone+ 45 minutes + a "memory full" sign on the camera + a big grin and a happy thanks phonecall to ant....check it....

so i was cheesing. like, id just found a goldmine. never before have i seen so much colour, dimension and perfect scribble on any platform you can find. even after half an hour of photographing, i was still finding little sneaky pieces above me, below me, on the lights, and corners.

theres a kid you can see taging up, goes by the name of "One" who i get chatting to. he questions me after i say "i dont think ive ever seen so much graff in one place"

"serious brav'? ever ben to can carnival...s only da'an the road...its Banksys local spot, more graff than Sa'aaf Bank easy"

i dont believe him...

but we carry on 5 minutes from the London eye, and fuck me (s'cuse my Francais) he werent lying. but this was Art. spray can art. of all forms. stencils (by the thousand) cunning thought provoking pieces, portraits, murals, huge layups, stickers, all in a quarter mile tunnel. no wonder they caled it a carnival, place was illuminated with colour....

amazing find, but my phone memory was jam packed...ill return to the spot many a time with bare people. wanna get Amy down with her camera too, get some nice crisp shots. definately a photographers spot.

shouts to A Force for the link, and "One" for being a guide.

*toast to South Bank and Can Carnival, Graff hotspots of the UK*

peace x

Rogers' day of birth

After Amys part on the friday i was feeling a bit rough, i think the bargain bin budwiser might have played a large role in that. I opted out of med bar because i didnt feel i could last till 4-5 in the morning so i decided to attend a few parties i knew were happening the same night.
First stop was Staceys party at Pheasey park farm, wasnt saying much at all, a few conversations with people miced with speedy G and bassline and i was set to leave when the clock struck 10.
Much confusion with the taxi rank and driver was had before eventually getting to Rich Rogers' house for his 19th and Marks 17th. The biggest speakers and most technical set up ive ever seen at a house party was bangin' out the tunes and plenty of free beer was saying alot. There was also a rediculous amount of people there due to the large Rogers clan and a special guest appearence from no other than MRS OLDHAM! (remember her? the supply teacher). I decided to test out the old theory of drinking yourself out of a hangover and this time it somehow worked. A nice vibe all around with many people busting a move or 2 in the conservatory.


The birthday boys enjoying themselves

Michelle and Aimee

K.I.C's biggest fan

Andy Jordan and Charles

After everyone was nicely intoxicated out came a bald man in swiming shorts and went maverick style into the hot tub. I was not prepared to venture into the tub due to a lack of suitable clothing and the high male content however this didnt stop a number of people jumping in, some fully clothed and a few more people being pushed/dragged in. After a while some girls also went in with a little help from other people.

High male content

Topped with a few girls

Much confusion at the end of the night due to lost clothing, some never to be found (Chales' jeans :s)
An excellent night eventhough it killed me to last till around 2-3ish

Happy belated birthday to Mark and a future happy birthday for Rich

Main Source T Shirt

This comes in S M L XL for the price of £20.00
from www.main-source.co.uk

Aint blogged in a while lol

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Word Up.

Hello team!
I have finally managed to sort my internet out so i'm back.
This is just a quick update, mainly to say yo to everyone..
I haven't really been capturing the events that i've been going to because i was rollin without my cam and also i had no way of putting them on the blog. However, from today i will be blogging any further events.
The first 5 days of uni has been crazy. I've met about 200 people and i now know bagga' faces and names lol. The vibes are nice around here and i personally think that i am lucky to be in the block and floor that i am. We got good peeps and good vibes.
Been up to a lot of things and had some mad adventures already. As you all know brad moved in on tue so we been chillin together too, along with introductions to both sets of friend groups which has been good for both of us.
There's too much to tell really but everything is going ok.
It is kind of weird not being at home in the normal environments and i woke up this morning feeling quite disorientated.
All in all it is a very eye-opening experience.
Missing you all.
Get up here team!

Yaboi rk.

Friday, 26 September 2008

London - First Week - Last Thursday- Brick Lane and Shorditch

Still in Induction, on the second day we were instructed not to go into college, but rather meet up Shorditch High Street, round the back to a place called Brick lane, into a store called Rough Trade Records, to look at some underground shit.

me being me, cursed myself on the blower to Jordan "ahh itll be piss to find" coming out of Liverpool St. station.

hour and a half later i arrive, with a folder in my phone full of pictures from the past hour and a half being distracted by my lack of co-ordination skills, and the sourrounding vibrant walls that live in Shorditch. man was i stoked.....












Brick Lane

so i continue on and eventaully come to my destination.the place seemed familiar to The Village thats in our Custard Factory, stylish shops, exclusive products, rare foods, and underground people.

after digging in a few crates, and finding some sick looking 12"'s i continue outside and take a closer look at its sourroundings

cut a long story short, the area turned out to be a strong artistic piece of londons territory, offering art (on the walls) from the likes of Banksy and OBEY man Sheppard Fairey and KAWS. these were also reflected in the stores around the area, with a good stock of
stuff for the "scaliwags and fresh kids" (Cool Kids- '88)















overall, a good find out of a good day.
i come away pleased :)

apologies for the wrongly rotated images, photobucket was being faggot on me.
peace x