Thursday, 16 July 2009

Tempz - boy off da ting


Anonymous said...

tooooo much shouting this time round

Anonymous said...

what u postin this 4

Anonymous said...

comin from dank blog

Anonymous said...

fuk off bk 2 ur side of twn timothy

Anonymous said...

u dont no about temppppppzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

how do u no tht??
also y u on here chattin shit, n beggin tempz for?...

WALLY said...

beggin nooooooooooo way hoe zay

Anonymous said...

well i dont get it....
cause u come on ere??

Anonymous said...

i just find it funny how everybody jumps on the tempz thing after the goonies night

Anonymous said...

tru still.
cause we werent even ther

brad said...

r u kidding anon? its like your going round saying "i knew tempz before anyone". is that what u r saying, cus if u r then thats silly to even bring an argument like that as if its something big. people can like anything and although not the case with us, if a club night brings some type of music, in this case tempz, then why is there something wrong with that? the fact that it is a point for argument is stupid.
all i'm going to say is that most of us have been students to the school of grime for a long time. tempz has always been around he's a hype guy. fair do's, this year is obviously his year and as fans of grime our posting of his latest track is just an ode to this, not just because we saw him at some event, which we didn't even go to. he's doing his thing, next hype is definitely the biggest grime track of the year.
to finish heres a fact, us lot were nowhere near goonies. and here's he another. tempz is not the best, he's just doing his thing in the right way.

brad said...

and as for these dank guys what was the point, eh?

dugdale said...

who thinks brad looks like the guy off the 1 show?

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Tilly-Bish.Bash.Bosh said...

teeeemmmmpppz TUNE lol

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